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General questions

Can I combine different supplements to strengthen immunity or do they cancel each other out?

Combining different immune strengthening supplements may provide added benefits and promote a more effective approach to strengthening immunity. Effective combinations may include but are not limited to, Zinc with Echinacea lozenges and antioxidant supplements with various immune-strengthening nutrients in one pill (such as C, E, and selenium).

How can nutrition help our health?

Key to helping us maintain a healthy body as we age is the nutrients we receive. In addition to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, high fiber, and low-fat foods, you can help maintain the biological age of our body by including antioxidants as a major feature in your diet. As you age, your body absorbs nutrients less effectively, and general daily supplements, as well as additional key antioxidants (which lessen the impact of some cellular damage), can help preserve your biological youth.

How does Echinacea help immunity?

Echinacea boosts and stimulates immune cell function, thus increasing the body‘s defenses when needed. Echinacea is commonly used during the cold weather season for supportive care or as a preventative. If taking Echinacea has not proved successful within eight weeks, more aggressive treatment may be needed.

How does Vitamin C help boost immunity?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body in times of stress and strengthens immunity by supporting immune cell function. Vitamin C also regenerates Vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant. Increase your Vitamin C intake during times of stress, or as a general preventative to promote optimal health throughout different life stages.

What about antioxidants?

Antioxidants can help prevent this damage before it begins. There are numerous antioxidant vitamins and minerals, and also antioxidant herbs that can help in the fight against free radicals. We use some of those antioxidants herbs that can help protect our body and keep us healthy in our treatments.

What time of day should I take my vitamins?

Most of your vitamins can be taken with your largest daily meal such as breakfast or lunch. The most important point to remember is that you take your vitamins and supplements with food in order to help with proper dissolution and absorption.




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All of this products are used in Metabolic Therapy, that is a non-toxic treatment, based on the use of Vitamin B17 (also known as Laetrile or Amygdalin); proteolytic enzymes; immune-stimulants, vitamins and mineral supplements. Laetrile is the main element of the Amygdalin therapy; it is a natural Chemotherapeutic agent found in the seeds of some fruits, such as apricot kernels, bitter almonds, cherries, etc.

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